WАТСH: Fеral Тhugs Spоt Lоnе Whitе Bоy оn Тrаin, Guеѕѕ What Наppens Nеxt

A new video is going around the Internet that shows the state of the world we are living in today. Fair warning, prepare to feel your blood BOIL!

The video starts innocently enough. A white passenger is on a train minding his own business. You can see a group of black men standing next to each other provoking one another to go and say something to the white passenger. Suddenly, one of the thugs goes over and starts smacking the man in the head. Before long the whole pack is on the kid, slapping, punching, and hitting him wherever they can get in shots.



It is repulsive that this is becoming commonplace in our society. What happened to the times when people got along and showed respect for one another? It applies in particular to when you think about riding in small spaces like buses or trains. No one WANTS to be there.

Times like this show why it is so important that we honor our Second Amendment rights. If this young man had been legally carrying a weapon this would NEVER have happened — or if it had, a form of justice would have been served for the unprovoked assault
We have multiple factors to blame for this incident. Statistically speaking, black families are in shambles due to a harshly declining number of two-parent households. No one is there to teach these thugs how to be REAL MEN, and this is the result.
If you do not have an active, responsible male figure in your life, it is possible, not always, but possible, that this could happen. We need to find out WHY these families are not staying together and address it. Ben Shapiro speaks about this topic with the grace of a scholar.

Another undeniable problem is the recent “uprising” encouraged by the Left. Democrats tell blacks and every other minority they exist as oppressed, and that physical violence is the answer to their problems.

After something like this happens, you can hear the crickets in the room. They don’t want to take responsibility for their words; words that cause violence, and the mainstream media won’t touch the story with a 10-foot pole.

Obama is the one who initially reignited the racial tension in the United States. He would take crimes that were not even based on race and play them up like they were. This is why there were riots in Baltimore, and the primary cause of the Black Lives Matters movement beginning.

The sad truth is that we just need to pay attention to our surroundings. The violence is constantly a threat, and people do not care about going to jail anymore because they think attacking people they don’t like is something they are entitled to when the opposite is true.

If we as a nation do not stop this violent rhetoric, the odds are that more people are going to be hurt– or even killed–in the name of “equality,” when we all have the same rights. As for the thugs in the video? They are a disgrace and deserve to be in PRISON.

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