Bill Clinton Confirms Rumors About Hillary and She’s LIVID!

Many sources are reporting that the crooked Clintons are not speaking to one another after a particularly heated argument over her recent book. Former President Bill Clinton threw Hillary’s manuscript into the trash and advised her not to publish it.

Bill had tried to make suggestions and changes before it was sent to the publisher, to try to make it readable, but Hillary refused to listen and ignored his suggestions. Apparently, Bill flipped out and they haven’t spoken to one another since.

Friends of the Clintons, state that Bill thought the book made Hillary look angry and bewildered, which was not how a presidential candidate should appear. He told her the title, “What Happened,” would have the obvious answer of, “YOU LOST!”

Hillary screamed at the former president and said, “The book is finished and that’s how it’s going to be published.” Maybe she should’ve listened to her husband, the book is laughable at best.

Instead of the UN general assembly, Hillary spoke at the Warner Theatre to kick off her 15-city book tour. “What Happened,” a 469 page whining, complaining, blaming memoir, which attempts to look at what went wrong during her presidential campaign.

When speaking about the email scandals of both the DNC and her former campaign chairman, Hillary said, “I hate the word ‘hacked.’ They were stolen – they were stolen by the Russians.” Hillary, almost a year later, still refuses to accept any responsibility for her actions.

Hillary threw the sexist card and said that Republicans, “just have a hard time thinking about a woman in the White House. When a woman runs, she has to work extra hard.”

Hillary Clinton was the WORST presidential candidate in US history. Not only did she lose badly, she is continuing to humiliate herself a year later.

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